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If your kids love the song, as so many do, then they’re going to love the chance to actually explore the area of Gangnam. You’ll get to see how kimchi is made, the different dishes it’s used in, the history behind the fermented cabbage, what goes and into making the spicy stuff and. Get a group of friends together, rent a karaoke room, order food, order drinks, and grab the mic! . While Jejudo in the nation’s south gets the most attention, more and more people are starting to realize what an unspoiled paradise Ulleungdo is. One of Korea’s more instantly recognisable dishes, bibimbap (mixed rice) is a bowl of rice decorated with a variety of vegetables, a fried egg, and spicy gochujang sauce. We can’t think of anything more romantic to do in South Korea than to spend a spring day seeing the blooming cherry blossom. The impressive collection came under threat during the Korean War, but was successfully smuggled to Busan and restored after the ‘conclusion’ of the war. Each October, people come from all over South Korea and the rest of the world to see the river in this area light up with lanterns and inflatable, lighted balloon floats. This is a fabulous list Chris! Expat or Korean, it seems like everyone in South Korea knows how to have a good time. From festivals to musicals, concerts and expos, you will be kept busy the whole month! Sort of. You’ll have one of the best nights out in South Korea and party alongside the lively students of the city, too. But you can make your adventures there even more budget-friendly – just check out our round-up of the top free things to do in South Korea. Visit top-rated & must-see I find South Korea is very rarely on people’s radars, so it’s nice to read that I’ve given you some motivation to someday explore the Land of the Morning Calm. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. History has it that the peninsula was divided into between North and South Korea by a war in the 1950s. Make your trip even more fun and try out our top things to do in South Korea with kids. Find what to do today, this weekend or in January. There is a South Korean festival for almost every occasion, and they offer a great chance to immerse yourself in local culture that you won’t get just wandering the usual tourist trail. "Biyahe ni Drew" took its viewers to South Korea, virtually showing some of the fun activities travellers can do there. If we’re being brutally honest, South Korea probably isn’t at the top of your Asian itinerary. Jeju-si, South Korea Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park A theme park made of glass, from the gleaming books on the shelves to the crystal fish in the mirror lake. Things to Do in South Korea, Asia: See Tripadvisor's 843,751 traveller reviews and photos of South Korea tourist attractions. [2021! Korean history might not be as well known as Chinese or even Japanese history, but that doesn’t make it any less fascinating. Travelling to the DMZ is totally a fun day out – especially if you’re a keen history buff, or are just simply fascinated by the weirdness of North Korea. We have reviews of the best places to see in South Korea. The glamorous area of Gangnam was brought to the world’s attention by Psy’s addictive ‘Gangnam Style’. There’s the Raccoon Cafe, where you can sip coffee and then pet a little Rocket of your own or the intriguing Owl Museum where you can see art inspired by (you guessed it) owls. Not only for all of the family-friendly things to do but also because Koreans absolutely love kids. Things to Do in South Korea, Asia: See Tripadvisor's 843,778 traveller reviews and photos of South Korea tourist attractions. Travel up Mount Seorak to the Gwongeumseong Fortress by the cable car, but make sure to peer out and spot some pretty cool rock formations on the way. If you’re interested in outdoor activities, there are plenty of hiking spots and caves to explore, most of which are just a short drive from Seoul. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Each temple has unique tributes to Buddha that include statues, meditation halls and ceremonial tearooms. I had trouble keeping this list to just 40 things you should do in South Korea. The hall today stands as testament to the Korean nation’s indomitable desire to be free of oppression, with seven exhibition halls dedicated to different facets of Korean history and their long feud with their warlike neighbours. Sweets and Treats. See & Do 8 Things To Know Before Visiting Tokyo. South Korea 15 Best Things to Do in Suwon (South Korea) The capital of the Gyeonggi Province lies towards the south of the gigantic Seoul Metropolitan Area, and its oldest neighbourhoods are enclosed by the walls of Hwaseong Fortress. Oh the best part surely is the food. Visit top-rated & must-see With a huge variety of Seoul hotels to choose from, it’s a destination that works for budget travelers all the way through to high-end luxury types. I will see you there! Visitors to these much loved institutions have the option to soak in hot tubs, relax in steamy saunas and even get a body scrub. Beach & Pool Clubs in South Korea Ski & Snowboard Areas in South Korea Equipment Hire in South Korea Boat Hire in South Korea Scuba & Snorkelling in South Korea Waterskiing & Jetskiing in South Korea Climbing Tours in South Korea Nature & Wildlife Tours in South Korea Other Outdoor Activities in … You can even dress up in traditional Korean clothing from the era called hanbok and have your pictures taken together. Discover 56 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in South Korea from Trick Eye Museum to Jangsan Puppy Cafe . Fans of K-Drama will love to learn that many of the scenic spots here have been used as locations in top dramas, like You Who Came From The Stars and Secret Garden. Seeing sunset on Busan’s beaches is one of the most romantic things to do in South Korea. A lot of good information. So here’s the best things for couples to do in South Korea. There’s certainly enough to keep you busy for a while! There was an error submitting your subscription. Korea just can’t compete with the likes of the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, or the Forbidden City. Richelle and I try to sneak some Korean into our diet whenever we can. It wouldn’t be a visit to South Korea without paying a visit to the mark on the map that makes it necessary to differentiate between ‘North Korea’ and ‘South Korea’. It’s a little touristy these days, but the Insadong district of Seoul is a popular stop with tourists wanting a glimpse of Korean culture beyond its modern image. Everland is the perfect day out for kids in South Korea; you can bag yourself a fast entry e-ticket and explore all of the five zones without stress. One probably doesn’t immediatley think of wetland when they think of Korea, but the Upo Marsh is a stunning sanctuary of more than 5,500 square kilometres. Soak up Korea’s spa culture Korea can get really cold during the winter, and one of the best ways to warm up is to visit a jjimjilbang, or Korean style spa. The Japanese occupation of South Korea remains arguably the darkest period in the nation’s history, surpassing even the horrors of the Korean War in the eyes of many. Check out this list of things to do in Seoul if you don’t believe me. Jagalchi Fish Market: Find Variety Of Fishes. There’s some stunning natural scenery to discover together, laid-back island getaways – oh, and even beaches to watch the sunset on. It’s true that China has it all over South Korea when it comes to historic landmarks. Did anyone say pub crawl? Curious travelers wishing to get to know South Korea's heart and soul spend only a small part of their holiday in big cities like Busan and Seoul, devoting much of their attention to the tranquil countryside that seems largely untouched by the 21st century. They took the blossoms to Japan and planted the trees there and so as many artifacts, etc. One of the weirder festivals out there, the ‘Moses Miracle’ festival (sometimes known as the Miracle Sea Road Festival), sees thousands of people descend on the quiet little town of Jindo to shuffle across a temporary land bridge that connects the main island to a smaller island nearby. Clinging to craggy rock at the edge of often rough seas, Yonggungsa is a serene communion between sea and land. Few places epitomise the beauty of tea plantations quite like Boseong, located just outside of Gwangju in the nation’s south. Suggested Read: Top 10 Things To Do In South Korea To Experience The Essence Of The Vibrant Country. Let’s admit it – South Korea is a super safe country. Here are some of the different activities: Go ice skating. Jinju might not be on your itinerary at any other time of the year, but every October the unassuming southern town transforms into a city of lights as thousands of lanterns travel down the Namgan River in tribute to the 70,000 men and women who lost their lives fighting the Japanese during the Imjin War. If baseball isn’t your thing (and I can’t blame you), the K-League is one for Europeans who love the round ball game. While the quality might not be up to scratch compared to the MLB in the US, Korean baseball games have a life all of their own. Home to more than 800 traditional Hanok style homes, this section of the otherwise modern village is a popular tourist attraction with those wanting to see Korea as it was prior to the last century. Today, the museum houses the world’s largest collection of Korean artefacts and is a must for anybody wanting a window into the nation’s past. Speaking of places for the kids, Seoul’s two massive theme parks are themselves fun additions to your trip. If the view from atop Mireuksan and the cable car didn’t convince you to visit the Hallyeo Maritime National Park, maybe a little more information about Oedo Island will. I was lucky enough to live there for two and a half years and I’ve probably only hit about 50% of the spots on this list. It is located in Yongsan-gu, north of the Han River and south of Myoeng-dong.Because of its close proximity to the Yongsan Garrison US Military Base to the west, Itaewon has become a hotspot for international tourists, with cuisine and culture from all corners of the globe. A volcanic island jutting out of the dark seas between Korea and Japan, Ulleungdo is an island of quiet fishing villages, sweeping vistas, and breathtaking volcanic terrain. I moved to South Korea to teach back in 2007 and it prompted my folks to come and visit me. One of the best places in Seoul to take in a view of the sprawling city, N Seoul Tower (otherwise known as Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower) offers a great panorama of the city. Make sure to finish off your day with a big ol’ helping of kimchi at the museum restaurant and impress all your mates after with all of your newly found kimchi knowledge. Its centre of gravity is a pulsating city cleaved by the Han River and with a skyline punctuated by mountains. ], Wondering Where to Stay in Raleigh, NC? Whoooaaaa, too much to consider, think I need a lot longer than I original planned for. Everland is a large amusement park in South Korea, close to Seoul. Location: 259-2 Baekam-ri, Yeomchi-eup, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea How to reach: One can take a subway from Seoul Station to Baebang Station which will take nearly 2.5 hours. Thanks for sharing, Hey CW Bush, some great suggestions on Korea. Cheers! What better way to see the sparkling city lights of Seoul than aboard boat on the Han River… after dark, of course. Wow, amazing photos and a great list of tips about what to do in South Korea. Some of the best beaches in all of the country are in the buzzing city of Busan. From our roundup with most amazing fun things to do in South Korea, to things to do in South Korea for free, we’ve got you covered. Find fun things to do in Seoul or explore attractions & popular tourist destinations like Nami Island. Book tickets and activities online with our best price guarantee! Wandering this living museum and cultural park is a half day activity all of its own. In the city on the weekend? One of the best views in all of Seoul is from the iconic N Seoul Tower in the Myeongdong district. Many places in South Korea do not allow flushing toilet paper down the drain. This makes it onto our list of free things to do in South Korea because of its size and the fact its really genuinely cool, but don’t blame us if you end up spending some of your cash! Totally one of the best things to do in South Korea at night, you’ll get to hear all about spooky traditional folklore as well as more modern crime stories. Sakura may be more closely associated with neighbouring Japan, but South Korea doesn’t lag behind when it comes to enchanting displays of these colourful trees and their lazily drifting petals. South Korea is one of the best countries to travel to with kids in tow. I will surely love to visit in future. Karaoke is a MUST. Even if you’re not clipping your own lock onto the pile, it’s a fun photo opportunity. One of the most impressive temples to Korean Buddhism, this stunning site may have been reduced over time by fire and war, but remains a must see in South Korea’s ‘Museum Without Walls’, Gyeongju. While it can be found virtually everywhere, only my former home, Gwangju takes its love of kimchi to the level of having a festival for it. Chances are you’ll meet the real Korea in this elegant, charming, and forgotten city. Goryeo (greenware) remains one of Korea’s most distinctive artistic mediums. Discover the best things to do in South Korea. We have reviews of the best places to see in South Korea. I think I’d include Insadong and the Yeon Deung Hoe (the lotus lantern festival and parade) in Seoul. After seeing your pics, especially of the blossoms and the lantern fest, I really want to go. Korea’s massive public bathhouses aren’t glamourous, but they’re certainly an experience for those brave enough to strip down to their altogether. Served either in a bowl or a hot stone bowl that cooks the egg in front of you, it is a delicious treat enjoyed all around the world. Aside from kimchi (which isn’t really a dish as much as it is a side), Korean BBQ is the country’s signature dish. And the DMZ… Too many choices for me. You can’t walk more than a block in South Korea without finding bibimbap for sale, but its spiritual home is Jeonju where, you guessed it, there’s a bibimbap festival to celebrate. Seoul, South Korea, is a huge city with many things to do. As Busan was one of the only places in South Korea not to fall to North Korea during the Korean War, Haedong Yonggungsa also has the selling point of being one of the oldest temples in the country. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The top of the mountain even offers a view of Japan! South Korea wasn’t high up on my list before. Get Your Free Seoul Running Man Experience! The cherry blossoms each spring are just lovely, and the fall colours in places like Seoraksan are amazing too. There’s alot more to South Korea than Seoul, although we all know there are plenty of amazing things to do in Seoul to fill a lifetime. South Korea is a land of mist-shrouded valleys, sparsely forested peaks, dark seas, and surprising serenity. With many meals a communal affair in which friends or family socialize, it’s no surprise that Korean food is all about big servings and cheap ingredients. Enjoyed over a hot plate with plenty of sides, lots of lettuce leaves, and liberal amounts of beer – BBQ is the ultimate communal Korean meal. Humans have called the Korean peninsula home for thousands of years, and the rise and fall of Korea’s empires is often eclipsed by more modern tales such as the Korean War, the Japanese invasion, and the ongoing tensions with North Korea. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. From towering Hallasan to the mysterious Manjanggul Cave to vast Sangumburi Crater to the island’s many beaches and waterfalls, it’s one of the most picturesque islands you’re ever likely to encounter. Since you’re in South Korea you should take some time to visit the beautiful city of Seoul, especially if it’s your first time here. It goes without saying that Seoul will be a highlight of any trip to South Korea, and if you’ve only got 4-5 days to spend in the country – you’d be best advised to spend it all in the capital. These are 30 of the best things to do in South Korea: Dazzling Seoul at night. Jinhae is a district in Changwon city, west of Busan. This large, bustling city has a population of over 10,000,000. A combination of spicy chicken, sweet potato, cabbage, and chewy tteok rice cakes – dak galbi is available across the country, but is best exemplified by Chuncheon. Frequently seen as the essence of South Korea, you’ll experience a unique atmosphere in terms of ethnic and cultural diversity, as the city welcomes a cosmopolitan crowd year-round. It’s a visually stunning evening and well worth the detour. Throwing the tissue in the garbage will prevent clogs and blockages. "Biyahe ni Drew" took its viewers to South Korea, virtually showing some of the fun activities travellers can do there. The grandest of these is undoubtedly Gyeongbukgung (Palace Greatly Blessed By Heaven), a sprawling complex that will put visitors in mind of Beijing’s Forbidden City on a smaller, quieter scale. Fun things to do in Korea 1. Things to do in Seoul, South Korea | Top 20 Seoul, the capital of South Korea has thriving traditions and culture. Thanks for sharing this awesome post. You can spend your day in the mountains playing in the snow, making enormous snowmen, getting covered in snow by and having a few snowball fights. I’ll show you a list, with photos, of some of the places you can visit in Seoul and things to do. Undoubtedly South Korea’s most famous tourist attraction after Seoul, the volcanic island of Jejudo is justifiably one of the country’s most popular playgrounds. When it comes to sightseeing, South Korea has pristine temples, royal palaces and traditional villages dating back to ancient times. There’s quirky K-pop concerts, amazing mountaintops to scale and some pretty weird museums to visit. For more traditional theme park enthusiasts, Everland is a massive Disney-esque park located 30-60 minutes from Seoul. - … South Korea is full of surprises. 8 Amazing Things to Do in Jeonju, South Korea (2020 Guide) by Natalia Djajic Last updated on: May 12, 2020 1 Comment From tasting the dish that was listed on Lonely Planet’s “Ultimate Eatlist” to trying out traditional attire and mixing with the locals, these are just some of the best things to do in Jeonju . If wandering a gorgeous bamboo forest sounds like something you’d enjoy, Damyang in Jeollanamdo province is the place for you. E-world Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival . Guides & Tips A Novice's Guide to Noraebang in South Korea. Pay a visit to the Shin Heungsa Temple where you’ll find the giant Bronze Buddha. 5 fun things to do in South Korea this 2021, according to Biyahe ni Drew Published 2021-01-11 16:26:38 Missing travel so much? There’s a lot to know about South Korea and museums are usually a fantastic way to learn more. South Korea is a nation that loves its festivals? Please try again. At almost two kilometres in length, the Hallyeosudo Cable Car is Korea’s longest cable car and provides heart-stopping views of the nearby Hallyeo Maritime National Park. One of the must things to do in South Korea for all travelers is to visit one of the 900 Buddhist Temples that reside around the country. The Ulsanbawi are six spectacular granite peaks, for instance. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. 1. It’s a sad fact that South Korea is often overlooked in favour of its neighbours – Japan and China. Given the sheer number of fun and unique things to do in Jeonju, it deserves to be on every traveler’s itinerary to South Korea. 10 Best Things to Do in Korea in Autumn. View of Seoul from Bukchon Village Things to See and Do in Seoul Visit the National Palace, Gyeongbokgung There’s chances to get out into nature on Jeju Island and many beaches to linger on for a few days, too. Likewise, South Korea’s vibrant and quirky culture doesn’t get the same international coverage than that of their former conquerors, Japan. Missing travel so much? Let go of your to-do lists and spend a whole day of fun in South Korea. Korea’s ‘Museum Without Walls’, Gyeongju is the nation’s former capital and a haven for those with a passion for Korean history and architecture. Among one of the best things to do in South Korea at night, this unique cruise on the Han River really opens up Seoul’s gleaming skyline. Seoul is sometimes known as the city of palaces, with five ancient imperial sites in the Korean capital. Romantic Things to Do in South Korea – Explore Jeju Island. Very well written. Koreans are crazy for hiking and it’s easy to spend days out in South Korea climbing up mountains. It’s also home to some traditional Hanok architecture, and a picture of pre-modern Korea for those wanting a change of pace. Predatory Fins Owner, Faber-castell Jumbo Markers, Types Of Speech Act Lesson Plan, Keiko O Brien Wedding Dress, How To Get A Job In Marketing With No Experience, Joan Baez - Greatest Hits, Scalloped Potatoes With Ground Beef, Millamia Naturally Soft Merino,


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