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EMB-MT I am searching but don't know 100% what I am looking for. Speed Run June 2020 Thanks for the quick reply!! Steering worked but not motor. Battery Glad you like it, This would be my recommendation - GNB tend to make the best cells The Wltoys XKS 144001 takes RC fun to a whole new level with faster speeds, innovative technology, and hobby-grade durability ! Please forgive my dumb question, but is there anything I need to do if I go with option 1? Do I need to cut or modify any of the parts to have for success? Upgrade Also you are right about the cut surface, as long as this doesn't touch the spur it should be fine. 5 Colors you can choose. This is the Wltoys 14401 Brushless set,it include the Upgrade Brushless motor,ESC,Motor gear ,Receiv. The heat softens the glue on the threads and allows the removal of them without damage. First off, amazing site! 8× for WLtoys 144001 RC Car 1267 Front /rear Swing Arm Sleeves Hinge Pin Screws. Longer life? Solved it by drilling the holes with a 3.0 bit to clear the thread in the mount. GDS Racing 32P Steel Pinion Gear for 1/8"(3.175mm) and 5mm Shaft RC Model (15T), Unfortunately no, that is 32p (pitch) which is much coarser and typically used on 1/8 scale. Seems like I just need that 15t hobbyking pinion and the adapter. Hi which screw/bolt size do you use to mount the 2838 to the motor mount? Just want to be sure before commiting to buy. The 2838 is a very powerful motor. $99.95 RRP $199.00. WL-TECH XK 14401 Drift Racing RC Car is 1/14 2.4G 4WD, High speed Off-roard RC Buggy. I can't think of any transparent connectors on this ESC but there may be variations. July 2020 This kit do not include the motor, battery, remote control, ESC, steering gear, Body shell cover. They measured and said it’s M 3.0. I've created a reference page below for all of the 144001 articles I've published here: WL TOys 144001 / 124018 / 124019 Brushless 2838 upgrade Easy No cut option, 5mm to 3.2mm reducer which is available here, drill bit such as this cheap 3.2mm bit option here. It's actually on special on my coupons page at present. Unfortunately, I had already ordered a 3650 brushless motor/60a esc combo based on youtube videos but now I am wishing I had gone with a smaller setup because I will be mostly running off road and in my backyard. Thanks again for the awesome guide! ( ), I'm just not familiar with that ESC sorry. £12.99 New. Setup If any of there connectors are not fully plugged in there can be a large voltage drop, and the resistance can cause a lot of heat and melting as it sounds like you've had. I wanna go fast and stupid while having decent run time. I don't know what to expect between the two. RC Helicopter Parts Back to your question no, there are no 2838 motors that have enough torque to do this. my bad, what kv for the 2440 motor with 2.3mm shaft? Hey Jordi Wltoys 144001 Upgrade All Metal Car Frame Assembly. Hey Chris I ordered the Brushless motor/ESC combo you recommended along with the servo - though I went with a DumboRC X6/X6FG for transmitter/receiver as they are cheap and still have decent Gyro from what I read... (Quick noob question again, is the advantage of the FlySky FS-GT5 that you can get more receivers and use the same transmitter on multiple vehicles?) Goolrc WL-TECH XK 14401 Drift Racing RC Car is 1/14 2.4G 4WD, High speed Off-roard RC Buggy. Changing gearing is a crucial part of the 2838 install. Wltoys 144001 Upgrade Metal wheel hub+ Tire-4 set, Wltoys 144001 1/14 Parts, Wltoys 144001 RC Car Parts, lC Racing wltoys 144001 RC buggy parts, wltoys 144001 1/14 2.4g 4wd high-speed racing RC car vehicle models 60km/h car parts. Choose a length that will allow the screw to go 2-3mm into the motor. The 16889 is just as fast though and the battery lasts forever. I'll check the card when it cames but I guess most probable the esc i got is just crap Moving on, I feel 15t with 2s is a little short but perfect for 3s! They are 0.6 mod and unfortunately we need 0.7mod. Thanks for reminding me. That one is 5mm, your shaft on the motor needs to be 5mm. Yep. Pinion For model enthusiasts, it is indeed possible to upgrade the metal parts to upgrade the car's grade and improve its resistance to fall and wear. Unfortunately the 144001 has a super uncommon gear pitch and those ones will not work. Wltoys 144001 RC Car Reviews Manual,Wltoys 144001 Tires Wheels Upgrade ,Wltoys 144001 Brush motor,Receiver,Transmitter,Receiver board SKU: TR4000. No harm in keeping the 144001 brushed, it's still a lot of fun but depletes the battery fast. Why is it that the stock 27t pinion is too big for the new setup? On grass it barely can start - often have to push it. If not, can you guys suggest a better esc wich will fit and will have no problems? Took it to a nut and bolts shop. I think I will try this 16BL30 - looks promising :) Runtime would be a little less than the 2838 on the same battery but still better than the stock motor. ​Racerstar 2440 Motor Brushless Waterproof Sensorless 6080 /4600 /4000KV, $28 Brushless 2838 motor / 35A esc combo 4500kv, 3.2mm hardened drill bit for drilling out pinon gear. Thank you for a great comprehensive update guide. Afraid I can't help on this one. Hey Quadify! They are impossible to remove without damaging something. Hey Thomas Program Card Balance I can't decide between a 2838 and 2845. Looking at getting a 144001, and love RC cars so will probably jump straight to the brushless upgrade, I have 2 x 3 cell batteries already for an rc boat, so would like to use them, what gearing would you recommend for fun longevity? So after a few weeks running the option 3 pinion seems to hold up well. Hmm that's a good point. 0.7mod are REEEEALLY hard to find and I've listed all the options I've seen in this article after a lot of searching. G. Cheers Gareth, appreciate the kind feedback. Pack of 2 Rechargeable Lithium 18650 Battery 3.7V . Quick View. My 3 on the way have been lost somewhere so unfortunately I don't have first hand experience. In theory a 2845 should offer more torque (and more current/heat) but in reality they'd be similar. Thanks man. Has it been fine on other surfaces? (2838 4500kv)? If you are going straight to brushless check out this new article: In Stock. Hi Quadify! Thanks for the advice. I’ve just upgraded mine using your guide. In your opinion, do you think this brushless setup will work on the new 124019 model? 144001 Whatever wltoys 14401 parts styles you want, can be easily bought here.|Shopping UK Hey Eric thanks for the kind feedback, I really enjoy helping people like yourself and getting people hooked. $53.97 $17.99. Hi QUADIFYRC, you're site is a priceless resource. This kit include the Metal Hub and Tires,motor teeth (aperture 3.0mm),steering gear arm. Changing the gearing allows us to take advantage of the characteristics of these motors which are superior in every other way. Well done! You'd be limited to 2s to be safe though (which is fine as these fit better). I do have this Hobbywing ESC on a 4500kv 2838 motor in another car and know it is good Then again it is more expensive alone that the original combo I recommend from Banggood . Hi Luis If I were to keep the stock gearing, is there a brushless motor/esc that would be better suited? Changed my mind after watching what it can do with 3S On a 15T Pinion. I'm so excited to learn all about it. Definitely solder the t-plug on, much better connection. Quick View. Thanks! My guess is they started with a 380/390 but abandoned it when they realised they could shoe-horn a 550 in. It is probably a moot point, but interested in your thoughts. WLTOYS 144001 Parts list, original and Cheap price. Have you been running any 3 cells on any of yours? October 2020 It was a little tricky getting the hobbyking pinion mounted properly so that it would not rub against the motor mount but everything else was super easy. Wltoys 14401 Brushless set-Upgrade Brushless motor+ ESC+Motor gear +Receiver + Transmitter-70km/h. Assuming the programming card works you could try increase timing but stock setting from the factory are usually the most reliable. All Metal parts has installed. The Green WLTOYS is bone stock and brand new, only run once. Basher Awesome guide - thank you for that. However, in trying to get the bolts through the holes in the mount, it got threaded, thus causing it to tighten only the mount instead of the engine to the mount. Thank you so much for all of the great info on your site, for an adult RC noob like me, it is true gold! After reading all of your posts about the 144001, I decided to buy one as my first RC Car! They seem to be smaller than the ones used w/ the original motor. Given the mounts for the 2838 on the stock mount they must have had plans some-point for a motor this size. February 2020, All Option 2 is my strongest recommendation but does require increasing the pinion bore from 2.3mm to 3.2mm (1/8"). I can only agree with everyone else. Get the best deals for wltoys 144001 at High quality strong stability material: All metal parts, high-strength Aluminum alloy frame, Zinc alloy gears strong stability and long service life, DIY upgraded. We are typically limited to the very large stock 27t pinion (way too big for this application) or the 17t pinion from the WL Toys A959 / A969.The 17t pinion offers an excellent ratio for the 2838 and 2845 motors but you need to mod the motor plate as mentioned in my original brushless upgrade article. Just finished the option 1 upgrade yesterday and the car runs great! Hi! April 2020 Cheers. Thanks Quadify! All are upgraded with brushless systems and ESCs 2838 4500kv motors, but one. As I had just received the AliExpress 15t pionion, I have used that one. Hi, WLtoys 144001-1307 Servo Assembly Spare Part 1 14 4wd RC UK Stock. You may wish to go for the longer 2845 motor but the 2838 is still perfectly capable in the 124018/19. I used a vice and hand drill but a drill press if preferable. Guide A bit of trial and error here but I think I have found the one. original brushless upgrade article for a more in-depth guide. I am switching the longer body mounts to longer ones from the A959 For more clearance, 3S I have is a little thick. I might write to WL toys to see if they could comission a proper bolt on option in 2838 size. Will this Racertstar 60A esc will be a good replacement? We are typically limited to the very large. £4.59 New. My thinking is if the grub screws are *not* 180 degrees out of phase then it may cause vibrations. Thanks in advance!! Hi, There are so many Youtube vids but yours is the only one that has a complete guide and the reason why you do it that way. The WL Toys 144001 is an excellent low cost hobby grade RC buggy that I ordered from Banggood.I've already taken free and low cost steps to improve performance in part 1 and part 2 of my upgrades guide. Hopefully this craze will cause the manufacturers in China to produce a brushless version and available parts and we will have a path forward for longer term.....Right now I'm trying to figure out how to solder silver solder on an old pinion and modify a discontinued spur gear as well as make my own dogbones. WL-TECH XK 14401 Drift Racing RC Car is 1/14 2.4G 4WD, High speed Off-roard RC Buggy. And this web page is great with all the upgrade parts and links in one place also. WLtoys 14401 Parts list Upgrade wltoys 14401 Upgrade Parts diagram for 14401 rc truck,wltoys 14401 Upgraes Kit 1/12 Truck,wltoys 14401 tuning,wltoys 14401 ersatzteile,wltoys 14401 battery,wltoys no.14401 wltoys 14401 replacement parts,wltoys 14401 differential,also wholese 14401 motor,servo,battery upgrade,wltoys 14401 brushless motor kit and review,wltoys 14401 mods,wltoys 14401 … More efficient? Thanks for the interesting read! When lifted reacts and starts quite well but on the ground it has problems with take off. The only way the 3650 is better is for speed runs which are frankly a little boring for me. You made owning and working on my 144001 so much easier! Best of luck! Will it be ok for the motor? The stock motor is a high wind 550 which puts out a huge amount of low rpm grunt in a car this size so the manufacturer made the gearing tall to get a big top end out of it and brag about top speed. Wltoys 144001 Parts,Wltoys 144001 Upgrades Parts Metal Wltoys 144001 RC Car Parts,Wltoys 144001 14401 Battery 3S 2S .Wltoys 144001 1/14 4WD Alloy 60km/h High Speed RC Buggy Electric RC Car. Tomorrow I’ll give it a test run. I’d like to know because I’m torn either buying the 14401 model or the new one. WLtoys Popular Products. This upgrade guide here is dedicated to installing a powerful and efficient 2838 brushless system that is optimised for balance, handling and efficiency. Do you know what exactly would happen if I were to use the stock gearing with the 2838 motor? 124019 Thanks for a great tips and instructions. Check out my review on it which I just finished a few days ago:, Hi, I am definitely gonna stick to the stock Probably the 4600kv. US$5.24 Wltoys 144001 1/14 Upgrade Metal RC Car Parts Swing Arm C Seat Connector Steering Cup Rear Wheel Seat Rod Gear Black 3 reviews US$7.92 US$8.90 11% Off Wltoys 12428/12423 1/12 RC Car Spare Parts 2PCS Right Wheels 0071 59 reviews US$4.57 US$6.86 33% Off WLtoys K989-53 1/28 Buggy Rally Tire 27.5*8.5 62 reviews November 2020 Thanks again. Bests, Tuning 17t worked will on 4500kv which would suggest around 5000kv on 15t makes sense. LC Racing ... wltoys 144001 parts wltoys 144001 upgrades wltoys 144001 body wltoys 144001 brushless wltoys 144001 battery wltoys 144001 differential wltoys a959b wltoys 144001 upgrade parts wltoys 12428 wltoys 144001 tires ... wltoys 14401/144001 1/14th scale buggy esc and transmitter. I will try mentioned configuration and give feedback. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter this section. It's just a little bit cheaper. Tempted of some tinkering and clean nice setup with such small motor decided to go for it :) Ah, thank you (sorry, posted this on the FB group too). Would you recommend doing something on the setup to prevent overheating of the wires? The cars upgraded all have new transmitters, steering servos, motors and ESCs. Great article and info! Weekly Featured Products Browse all. Would this gear also work? WLTOYS 144001 Parts list, original and Cheap price. More power? Rainer, Hi Rainer Thanks! My only real experience with RC before this is a cheap MN99s Crawler from Banggood that got my hooked, and all i had done was replace the ESC/Transmitter/Receiver to a better one. Charging Hey Raul Given how easy and fast the hacksaw cut was, I’d actually argue this is as good an option as the others in the article! Your fan, Yep. It can run so fast very strong power with a long time, not like the Brushl version.The Brush version can only run 8-15 minutes. My recommendation now is to get the 15t gear that requires drilling, this seems to be the path of least resistance. Gonna have to drill a hole then, hope my steady aim + a hand drill will do the job since I don't know anyone with a drill press! WLtoys 144001 1/14 2.4G 4WD RC Car. I just ordered two 14401's and came across the below two sources for pinion gears while browsing around. Sorry to hear about that. Tyres Thanks so much for taking the time to reply/explain - I completely understand now, I was unaware of that low end torque difference in the brushed/brushless. Cogging at low speed is a sign of either poor connection or a low quality ESC and or motor. Does the flysky reciever with gyro work fine with a gt2 transmitter? Just WOW. WLTOYS 144001 Upgrade Parts, WL-Tech 144001 1/14 2.4G 4WD High speed Racing RC Buggy, Metal and Aluminum Alloy Spare Parts. Quick View. So one of the the transparent connector convers melted down and turned black almost completely. My question is what do you think about the 15T pinion and 2838 or maybe 2845 motor with the higher KV eg. Later on I might try find a very low kV brushless motor and see if I can get away with stock gearing but I believe the gearing change is the best current solution. On-road or off-road, the 144001's sleek chassis keeps weight down low for razor-sharp handling and blazing speed. Please trust me and buy this part rather than trying to reuse the one in your car. Sg 1602 124018 March 2020 Racerstar If you want to buy cheap wltoys 14401 parts, choose wltoys 14401 parts from Would you happen to know what difference in speed/torque/runtime between the two? I always found pictures and text easier then videos too! Review Best of luck! Lastly, check out the difference in weight... . September 2020 My pleasure. I am going to be doing the brushless upgrade, but I just had a super noob question. Hey Quadify! Oh and of course got the 15t pinion that I will bore out. WLTOYS 144001 Parts list, original and Cheap price. I've read your posts about an upgrade to brushless. December 2020 Augie. 2.4GHz Radio System with anti-jamming capability allows to race at the same time in the same track. The lowest priced flysky transmitter that is able to control a flysky BS6 gyro receiver is the FS-GT5. About 5 seconds with clunky sound and after it goes it runs quite ok I think. 100 meter control distance, racing freely. Upgrade Part WLtoys 12428 12429 12423 Alloy Front Shock Mount UK Seller. I'd be very curious to see how this one performs. RC 4WD Rock Crawler Truck 1:18th … Oops sorry about the bum steer, sounds like you went down the right track anyway. Argh sorry I missed your comment, my notification system is a bit hit and miss. RC Car Parts Wltoys A949 A959 A969 A979 1/18 Car Differential Hinge Pin 4Pcs $ 3.90 $ 2.18. SKU: TR9034. Buy the best and latest wltoys 14401 metal parts on offer the quality wltoys 14401 metal parts on sale with worldwide free shipping. My car is being delivered later today, so I’ll try some of the free and cheap upgrades and let you know if I have any questions! Hi, alright, thanks alot! Found same combo on tomtop (2838 4500kv + esc). I enjoyed the way my car ran so much I'm glad that others get to share in the experience too. motor for a while, I can’t really afford the brushless gear right now anyways! Thanks Raul, okay, it's becoming clearer to me now. Side note; The finishing on the pinion teeth seems fairly rough, lets hope it doesn’t chew through the spur gear! Agesilaus Ii Quotes, The Dungeon Facebook, Brummie Urban Dictionary, Nekusar Edh Primer, Rhubarb Meringue Cookies, Kohler Company Net Worth,


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