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Hope is now living with her parents and family in The Abattoir. After waking up to get ready for the day, she hears something at her window and it's Roman. Occupation Hope tells Alaric that she won't go back to the Salvatore School as she fears that Landon will still want to be with Josie. as a descendant of the Originals, it seems to be only a matter of time before Hope triggers her vampire curse. mikaelson theoriginals klausmikaelson thevampirediaries klaus elijahmikaelson tvd rebekahmikaelson salvatore kolmikaelson vampire elijah damonsalvatore stefansalvatore kol witch hopemikaelson werewolf rebekah elenagilbert. However, should one let the pain in, then it cannot break oneself. She has wavy auburn or dark brown hair that is seen in many styles. Patchouli. They grew to be friends and it was clear they shared a connection more than that of friends. As a Labonair, Hope has a Crescent birthmark on her right shoulder, similar to that of her mother and distant relatives, Eve, Lana, and the Hollow. In Voodoo in My Blood, she tells her parents that the Ancestors need to talk to them about the Hollow. Alaric suggests that she transfer to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted where she can better keep an eye on Landon and protect him, however she declines. Hope and Rafael also spend a considerable amount of time together when the Salvatore School Group split up into groups to find the croatoan. Auburn She watches as he knocks over a glass, causing the barrier spell to deactivate. Unfortunately, the bracelet begins to burn her skin and she takes it off, which causes the bracelet to catch on fire. A decision her birth parents were forced to do, because of a threat that could of changed her life forever. At the end of Season 2, we are left with Hope trapped in Josie’s subconscious and her boyfriend Landon seemingly still dead. Both of their births were against nature (Esther was infertile and being a vampire Klaus normally cannot have children). In The Tale of Two Wolves, with Hope's first transformation looming, Caroline questions that Crescent wolves could control their transformations. In Til the Day I Die, she is at the cemetery laying a flower on Bill's memorial, Klaus comes to see her and he tries to comfort her but it doesn't work, she always feels bad. Even when she was a baby, Hope was said to be a fighter. But, with the Mikaelson’s there is no normal. Rayna Iliya Mikaelson is a main character on Legacies, a former major recurring character on The Originals before being promoted to a main character in the fifth season.Hope is the tribrid daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson and Katherine Pierce.She is the granddaughter of Ansel Alden, Esther Mikaelson, Teodosi Petrov, and Veselina Nikolova, as well as the step-granddaughter of Mikael. 5'3" (Feet)1.60 (Meters) Concerned with Hope talking with her boyfriend, Josie enquires if the two know each other, with Landon remarking that they shared a milkshake together previously. Hope tells Alaric that he will return at sun down to help him dispose of the creature. Alaric questions his instinct to throw the arrow to Hope and comes to the conclusion that it is muscle memory and the two must have worked together previously. She is the granddaughter of Ansel, Esther Mikaelson and two unnamed werewolves, as well as the step-granddaughter of Mikael. Hope is seen in Hayley's arms again but this time Klaus holding her hands. Hayley concludes her letter by saying "I love you. She asks him if he wants to feel her kick. She admits that she is but is looking for someone, with Dorian admitting that all of the students have gone home for the summer. She enters Landon and Rafael's bedroom inside the Salvatore School, looking for something of Rafael's in order to perform a locator spell; whilst here, she reminisces over times spent with Landon. Hope Mikaelson. As a result of her unique heritage, she is the world's first werewolf-witch-vampire hybrid. Clarke tells Hope that he can help her, but she rebukes him and uses a mimic spell, forcing him to leave her alone. When Hope was only 1 years old, the Mikaelsons had … Hope is concerned when Alaric suggests trapping Josie within another simulation, given she controlled the previous one. Josie and Hope both refuse, however. She goes to Klaus and they hug each other. In Season Five, Hope doesn't appear in one episode: In Season Two, Hope doesn't appear in one episode: Sabine also had a vision that Hope will be the death of all witches. After a few months apart they were reunited. While some have willfully turned their humanity off, others, such as The Vampire Diaries protagonist Stefan Salvatore, retain their sense of morality but are driven to kill by an uncontrollable bloodlust. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Hayley arrives and lunges at Eva to get away from her. Alaric and Hope defeat the creature, which turns out to be a cyclops, with Landon turning just in time to meet Hope's eyes, perhaps recognizing her from his visions — despite this, neither of them interact and Hope leaves. She is the daughter of Hayley Marshall and Niklaus Mikaelson.She is the only Tribrid in the world and many view her as a threat. However, they are both then shot, and Hayley goes missing. She then looks out the window at night and Roman appears. After Elijah, Gia, and Hayley talk to Josephine, Hope is in Hayley's arms and she threatens to kill Eva even if it is Rebekah or not, so Eva won't go after Hope. Elijah suggests to Hayley to come back and live with him and Klaus. Rafael tells her that it is nice to get away for a while, and is open to a relationship with her as he is not afraid of technicalities. Feeling alone in the world, Hope goes to Alaric's office and confesses everything, revealing that she is in fact the daughter of Hayley Marshall-Kenner and Klaus, and a Mikaelson. Meanwhile at the school, Hope notices that everyone — except her — is a little too merry. When Landon chose Hope instead of Josie, their dynamic grew awkward. pairing: hope mikaelson x female!readerwarning: slight sexual mention (you blink and won’t see it), a little angstysummary: hope and (Y/N) are together, but there are a few problems. Roman tries to tell her he's been wanting to talk to her and that while he's sorry for what happened, she doesn't have to forgive him, and she listens to this. Genevieve agrees with Elijah, if they deliver the baby Hayley will bleed to death. Does anyone really know her? Alaric suggests that Hope leave the hunting to him as he has more experience, but she shrugs him off. They are also capable of ripping out the heart of anyone who dares to stand in their way. She was then born in The Originals season one episode From a Cradle to a Grave. In There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go, Hope participates in Emma Tig's simulation along with the other members of the Salvatore School Group. She agrees, but before she can safely return to the school she is confronted by another creature from Malivore. In Let's Just Finish the Dance, Hope struggles with the trauma of witnessing Landon's death, which in turns causes her magic to become unstable, leading to her accidentally attack Landon in her room and then later Alaric in the gym while they train together. Hope admits that she has figured out that a vortex opens each time she practices magic and the problem is that she has never fully activated her vampire side therefore cannot kill Malivore. Hope Mikaelson & Klaus Mikaelson; Hope Mikaelson/Klaus Mikaelson; Hope Mikaelson; Klaus Mikaelson; ... the EMP results in Hope's loss of her magic, leaving her with just her wolf side. As she waits for the walk down in the street, she wonders where everyone is and Freya tells her about her father's astral projection, while Vincent and Marcel should be there. In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, Hope walks through the campus of Mystic Falls High School as Sheriff Mac arrives. As she and Roman talk, she tells him to leave and she begins to feel pain, and her eyes glow, triggering her curse due to Bill's death. Turned 1.2K Stories. ~Aaron to an Unknown Vampire who tried to kidnap Hope Mikaelson at the Salvatore School.. "You may know my family, but you don`t know my story. She uses a cursed object, The Needle of Sorrows, to cause Hayley's temperature to spike rapidly to cause a miscarriage. She listens as her mother tells her that purists are afraid that she'll unite the factions one day, telling her go and they embrace. Hope and Lizzie spend the rest of the day talking about Hope and why she didn't reveal herself to everyone when she returned from Malivore. He is also dedicated to being a better father to her than his step-father was to him. She struggled to come to terms with his death and refers to it as something that has stayed with her. They are both the first-born of their generation and they are both girls. She is the adoptive younger sister of Marcel Gerard via her father. Supernatural information He tells her he'll find someone else to train him instead, Later, when Josie and Lizzie are emotional, Hope sits with them and the three talk. Hope has seemingly mastered a vast array of spells and rituals that allow her to overpower and destroy all different kinds of supernatural creatures. it’s the 1920’s and they don’t want the town to know they are dating or hope’s father, klaus mikaelson Originals have the ability to compel regular vampires and are significantly faster and stronger than them. In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, Hope is seen crying in her cradle because she cannot sleep due to the loud music on the streets. Hope is able to convince Alyssa to stop the spell. Hope while in womb, was able to make Hayley a hybrid during giving her birth and show more sign of hybrid nature then vampire one. Emmett claimed that Marcel's advanced werewolf venom can take down a hybrid, an Original, and even Hope Mikaelson. In Gather Up the Killers, she's baby sat by Mary while her mother searches for the final venom to cure the Mikaelsons. She later revealed that it was because of Klaus' werewolf side that Hope was conceived. Significant spells However, he gave no evidence as to why it would or could be lethal to Hope, nor has this been proven to be true. Legacies Season 3 is set to premiere in January 2021. She and Freya begin the spell and before it is completed, Klaus arrives and takes the bowl of blood away, leaving Hope conflicted. Eventually, Hope is confronted by Pothos, who wishes to eat her heart after stabbing her with one of his arrows. Davina later comes to the cemetery to talk to her, she tells her that she is not well and that she doesn't want to attend Freya's wedding because her guilt will ruin the day but Davina retorts that it's her absence which will ruin the day and that even if it's hard she must live the moment. At the end of the second season, Hope is living with Hayley and Jackson (stepfather by marriage) in the Bayou, and by the end of the third season, she is living with Hayley on the road. She prepares for her mother's funeral, clearly upset about everything happening. Hope is next seen with Hayley as she helps Freya look for the cure for the poison. Nightwalkers (as vampires)Emmett (as a vampire)Bill (first human kill)Gargoyle (with Josie)Arachne (with Josie and Lizzie)OneiroiHeadless HorsemanLandon Kirby (2nd time/resurrected)CyclopsMinotaurCroatoan She explains to Josie that an old friend taught her about mora miseriums and how to slow them down; she reveals, however, that magic cannot stop the sand clock from shattering. She is the tribrid daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson, Hayley Marshall-Kenner and more parents . Elijah also reveals that descendants of Klaus' father are still alive (Cary is a descendant), therefore meaning relatives of the child as well. Eventually, the students of the Salvatore School are able to defeat the qareen, and Hope participates in casting the spell to create a new Prison World and ascendant.She then comes in to talk to Landon. Klaus asks her how the littlest wolf is doing. In A Streetcar Named Desire, Stefan Salvatore sees a photo of Hope on Hayley's phone and asks Hayley if she was the reason she was helping Klaus. Hope again battles with dark Josie but is incapacitated when she's turned to stone. Cami decides to take Hope out of the house. Following this, they manage to kill the shunka, but Hope leaves shortly after, leaving Landon and Rafael questioning who she is. However, when Klaus tells her his mother's story, Hayley comes to understand a little about Esther, because she is out of her mind about having to give Hope to Rebekah and can't imagine if her child was dead. As a child, she had long auburn hair and light blue eyes. Light blue Klaus then leaves Hope somewhere safe with Cami while he kills Dahlia and Esther. Marcel spots them and they later go back to where they were. However, Rebekah tells that one day the King and his noble brother will heal their kingdom and bring Hope back who must live happily ever after. However, they remain close as much as a non-biological fatherly-daughterly coupling can be. Klaus hears her screams and screams in agony. Season 1, Episode 10 of. While preparing the school for the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, she's surprised at Roman Sienna's return. Landon is upset that Hope has been lying to him and storms out. Don't like, don't read. In There in the Disappearing Light, she is trying to feel better by taking out her anger against Klaus, but she says it isn't working and he isn't the one she wants to take her anger out on. Landon finds Rafael and with Hope's help they are able to return him to human form. The vortex is successfully able to expel Hope. The Originals is an American fantasy-drama television series picked up by The CW for their fall 2013 schedule, after a backdoor pilot for the series aired as an episode of The CW television series The Vampire Diaries in April 2013. Rebekah left New Orleans with Hope and became her guardian; she often told Hope stories of her birth and how her parents sent her away to be safe. She is surprised to see that he can actually fly, but is revealed that he is alright. She listens when her mother tells her about turning into a wolf and they think of a plan. Hope has also shown skill in creating her own spells, such that she created a spell combined with a cloaking spell that she performed on Hayley, as she was the one to kidnap her and lure Klaus back to New Orleans. Hope is always offering to help to save those she cares about and considers family, including Marcel. When Freya notices the ancient spells on the floor, Hope tells her it's to catch up. Whilst Alaric prepares his crossbow, Hope prepares an artificial sunlight bomb to use on the creature, who she assumes is a troll. Hope is adamant that the pig take her to Josie but Hope is unable to wake her. She is also a distant relative of Lana, Eve, and Cary. They are unable to find the baby when Hayley walks in. Questions about Hope Mikaelson (Spoilers for The Originals) BOC. Hayley then delivers a message to the Mikaelsons saying she doesn't want Hope to be one of them. Decorate your living room or bedroom furniture or use it to keep warm. In Alive and Kicking, Hope's parents spoke about her during their trip in The Bayou. Hayley often referred to her baby as "Magical Miracle Baby" but also called her "My Little Girl" and "Baby Girl" in a letter to her. Furthermore, as a possessor of the werewolf gene, Hope will experience bouts of severe aggression. Her wounds have also all healed and is revealed that her baby has healed her due to its vampire healing blood, inherited from her father, Klaus. Klaus follows him immediately. She frequently wears heeled boots to accentuate her height or outfits. However, he remains paranoid as he worries about her safety. Hope is one of only two known characters to have attended both the. She wears relaxed yet edgy clothing that compliments her full, curvy figure. She asks Hayley and Elijah to tell Klaus that she is sorry. Hope also had dimples in her cheeks. In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Hope is mentioned by Marcel when he reminds Elijah he saved her life as a newborn. Due to his marriage to Hayley, Jackson Kenner was her step-father for almost a year, until he was killed by Tristan de Martel. Hope first met Landon in 2026, and frequented where he used to work in Mystic Falls; Mystic Diaries. He also said that he wanted help Klaus to protect her, but fearing that Esther will use Ansel to get to his "little girl" he explained to his father that he cannot fail his daughter and must protect her to all the cost. Family Members In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Hope is taken by her mother from her cradle and then rejoined her uncle in the kitchen. In The Devil is Damned, Cami is playing with Hope. Werewolf PrincessMy Little Girl (by Klaus and Hayley)Beautiful Little Princess and My Littlest Wolf (by Klaus)Mikaelson Miracle Baby, Hybrid, The Demon Spawn (by Rebekah)The Hybrid Baby (by Sophie and Tyler)Baby Girl, Magical Miracle Baby, My Sweet Girl (All by Hayley)Devil Child (by Agnes)The Wolf (by Céleste)Sweet Girl (by Camille)My Child and Little One (by Dahlia)Sweetheart (by Klaus, Hayley and Elijah)Love, Bunny, Buddy, My Little Nerd, Darling, Little Witch (All by Kol)Littlest Mikaelson, Jessica (by Alaric)Hope MarshallJailbird (by Freya)Tribrid Freak (by herself)Prodigal Daughter (by Lizzie) She doesn't understand why she can see him, but then she realizes the only reason why she can see him is because she is dead. Hope is powerful and, apart from being a vampire-werewolf hybrid, is also a witch of the Mikaelson bloodline which is one of the most powerful witch lineages in the fictional world of The Vampire Diaries. Seven characters who originated on The Vampire Diaries died in its spinoff, The Originals. Hope awakens not long after, wondering where Lizzie has gone, however Lizzie returns having rejected the Keeper's deal after realizing Hope would die. She is the granddaughter of Ansel, Esther Mikaelson and two unnamed werewolves, as well as the step-granddaughter of Mikael. She feels that she's being tracked by a witch and gets out of the car for a few minutes. As she is sleeping, Dahlia's humming is heard. The two are killed multiple more times as they attempt to gather clues, but eventually realize that they are trapped in an alternate version of the 80s, where magic does not work. Hope manages to draw the shunka away by turning into a werewolf — which confuses Landon — long enough for Landon to find Rafael. Back at the compound, she talks to Alaric and he tells her he will be seeing her around. Hope then turns the car's engine on again. He later states that his child is all that matters to him now. She tells him she can't really be dead, because otherwise he wouldn't try to kill her and the baby. During Hayley's pregnancy, Hope had various nicknames. Sep 23, 2019 - The perfect Dark Side The Animated GIF for your conversation. Elijah and Hayley also express their concern for the safety of the baby. According to Dahlia, as a firstborn of their bloodline, Hope has inherited great, but devastating power. After a day out with Elijah and a dance with Landon, Hope joins Klaus, Alaric, and his daughters as part of a ritual to extract the Hollow from her, which can only be done while she is in middle of transforming. She tells him she's going to fix it and while crying, she tells him she loves him too, watching him leave. Alaric questions who she is and she reveals that she is a vampire hunter and Alaric remarks that he is well known within the hunter community. She screams for her baby, but Mikael tells her it's too late to save the atrocity that's festering in her womb. In Crescent City, Céleste states Elijah has a niece on the way. In Exquisite Corpse, Hope is crying in her crib and Eva Sinclair goes near her. If Hope were to die, she would become a vampire which should negate her ability to practice magic and would likely make her a vampire-werewolf hybrid, like her father. Klaus tells her that the first transformation usually takes hours but by embracing the transformation and pain instead of fighting it, the process will be faster. Her connection to New Orleans soil, despite not being a Harvest girl or apparent knowledge of the Ancestors, allowed her to communicate with them, whereas non-witches could not. She then realizes that Roman got into her head to find out her mother's location and is shocked to find out Greta is his mom. Hope is the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and is an original trybid. In Bring It On, Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshallslept together and conceived a child. In the woods behind the Salvatore School, the two manage to track down the shunka, and Landon panicks when it confronts them. She runs to her and wonders why she's at the house, turning around to have Roman place the witch shackles on her, canceling her powers. Elijah meets with Rebekah in the diner and he holds Hope. He looks confused at everyone who's sitting there and opens the coffin. Prior to triggering her curse, she displayed some increased agility and grace, above that of a normal human. Klaus is Hope's father, and even though at first he refused the child in Always and Forever, he soon accepted her and was determined to not be like his step-father to his child. Feeling his unease, Hope casts a calming spell to alleviate Clarke's worries. Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall slept together and conceived a child. Hope talks with Lizzie over what Josie could be planning, and the two are startled when Josie reveals that the Merge will happen that night; Lizzie fears that she is not ready and will loose the Merge. See more ideas about hope mikaelson, summer fontana, vampire diaries the originals. It may seem impossible to imagine the kind-hearted Hope as a cold-blooded killer, but such a character arc is not without precedent. Although Hope is not a full vampire-hybrid, she possesses a few vampiric traits, specifically her blood. That being said, we have seen hints of Hope’s dark side before. Significant kills However, as of There's Always a Loophole, Hope learns that she is not a cosmic mistake as she once thought. Klaus wishes the baby to born in the compound. In The Bloody Crown, Hope is first seen crying in Klaus' arms. After Klaus hears of Hayley leaving the house, he berates her and demands to know what she was doing. In a later phone conversation with Rebekah Mikaelson, Elijah swears he will not let anything happen to the baby. Genevieve says she has nothing to do with it, she's not a monster. Klaus takes her to her nursery and puts her in her cradle. After he jumps out of the window, Hope is told by Dorian that Alaric wants to see her and to pack her things up as she's being suspended. By the fourth season, she lives with Hayley and the Mikaelson Family at the Abattoir. While out with Hope, Cami removes her band-aid from her head and discovers her cut is healed. Later Hayley is sitting in her room in the compound when Klaus walks in. Freya stated that the use of magic acts as a beacon for. Hope is a witch-hybrid, having inherited her witch gene from her father, the son of Esther Mikaelson. Rafael tells her that the two should stay away from each other, which upsets Hope, causing her to cry. 1,000. It may seem impossible to imagine the kind-hearted Hope as a cold-blooded killer, but such a character arc is not without precedent. She gets Hope to scream so she could get out her frustrations, something that ends up working. As a child, she has long red hair, light blue eyes and freckled cheeks. Daughter of the Original hybrid. Klaus’s intention for Hope was her to have a normal life, but with great power comes great responsibility. She also demonstrated the aptitude to know where her daughter is, even if she is hidden by a spell. They reconnected when Landon's foster brother turned into a werewolf and Landon decided to be there with him, against Hope's advice, leading to Landon learning about the supernatural. Hayley tells her she's proud of her. Sabine Laurent suddenly appears and tells her that the wolf is drawn to her because of the baby, before telling her that she knows some charms that can reveal the baby's gender, admitting that it is not magic that she will be using. She is then introduced to Cami by her parents later as they had to go back in the Quarter. During this time, her telekinesis and pain infliction seemed to be amplified as purging her pain, by using her magic, seemed to be the only course of treatment. In Girl in New Orleans, Agnes persuades Hayley to go to a doctor out in The Bayou who agrees after a notice of Rebekah who told her that she must care most about her child. She was named Hope by her father, who took inspiration from his half-brother Elijah's words about his newborn child being their family's hope. And according to one fan theory that is gaining traction on the internet, the answer is simple yet heartbreaking: Hope will become a ripper. Alaric, however, assures Hope that he has increased the difficulty of the simulation. She becomes a student at the boarding school and as time goes by, she becomes determined to see her father again, despite the consequences that could ensue. With this, she lets herself into the school when Dorian is gone. In For the Next Millennium, Hope is still being raised by her father. He dismissed the child's existence and acted as though he didn't care if it lived or died. Due to this, she can remember those that she previously knew and have been consumed by Malivore as well as heal others with her blood that have been shot with weaponized Malivore bullets. Freya wakes up and calls Rebekah who tells Elijah she is with Hope in the woods. Klaus says that he knows how she feels and Hayley accuses him of not think about Hope. Klaus scares him off, however, Tyler then goes to Marcel, and informs him of the baby's existence, and that its abilities will prove a threat to the vampire kingdom. When she returns, Alaric has come to the conclusion that she must have something to do with Malivore, to which she also confirms. On the other hand, Klaus blissfully implied that Hope inherited his eyes. On the way back to the house, Hope stops the car engine and seconds later the house goes up in flames. She is hesitant at first, however eventually goes along with the plan. Your Mom.". She tries to figure out what monster could be causing this, and eventually resorts to trusting Ryan Clarke to help her in this. She tells her it won't harm his ego and then explains about the spells on the floor to her. However, after Hope's parents died, they became closer and eventually became friends, such that Hope even covers for and protects Josie. In You Can't Save Them All, Hope frantically attempts to find a way to rescue the Saltzmans from the Prison Worlds. After some convincing, Hope locks up the bar in hopes of leaving Mystic Falls and going after Landon. Sophie and Tyler both referred to her as "The Hybrid Baby" and Celeste called her "The Wolf". Hope later enters the changing rooms at Mystic Falls High on alert from Sheriff Mac that Rafael needs help. 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